CoinField NFT

We have some exciting news!

We are happy to announce a new utility for Bitcoin Wine holders. The Bitcoin Wine NFT will be the Golden Ticket for NFT Distribution Company, Inc. What does this mean? It means that all Bitcoin Wine holders will retain a Whitelist membership to all upcoming NFT Distribution Company project launches. In other words, if you hold a Bitcoin Wine NFT you will automatically be Whitelisted for the next project to launch by NFT Distribution Company, Inc.

Coinfield Exchange is currently partnered with NFT Distribution Company, Inc and are next in line to launch their official NFTs.

What is Coinfield Exchange?

CoinField Exchange is one of the leading fully regulated European based cryptocurrency exchanges operating in 186 countries from all corners of the globe. The Presale for CoinField Coin (CFC) is now live. CFC is a utility coin with a limit of one billion coins (1,000,000,000). It offers many benefits to its holders, which can be used to pay any fees on the CoinField platform, and is provided as a reward under our user programs. CFC will also be exclusively available to Tingo’s 9.3 million customer

Why did we decide to make Bitcoin Wine the Golden Ticket for NFT Distribution Company, Inc.?

Because building a solid community is what matters most to us. With Bitcoin Wine being the first project to launch from NFT Distribution Company, we wanted to incentive our early supporters and give them something that we believe is truly beneficial and lucrative.

We are at the very beginning stages of our journey with NFT Distribution Company and Bitcoin Wine being the catalyst to a very powerful IP. If you are here with us now in these early stages, we assure you that it is no coincidence.

Let's build this community together!